Coffee fads: the avolatte

Image: Pixabay

The Australians love their coffee. The flat white, an espresso-based drink made with microfoam (steamed milk with very fine bubbles giving it a velvety consistency), was invented in Down Under and soon became popular over here, even outstripping the cappuccino. Australia also gave us ‘deconstructed coffee’ (basically espresso, water and milk served in separate little containers, so you can mix your own drink exactly how you like it), and ‘rainbow coffee’ (a caffeine-health drink made from turmeric, beetroot and green tea matcha, served with a barista-style leaf pattern on top). There’s also ‘golden coffee’, made from turmeric on its own, which is rumoured to be an anti-inflammatory. Heard enough? Well, it doesn’t stop there, because a few days ago the Truman Cafe in Melbourne launched the ‘avolatte’, apparently the world’s greatest brunch option, incorporating avocados and coffee.


 If you’re wondering how those two ingredients could possibly be combined in the same dish, we’re not sure they can! The ‘avolatte’ is basically a latte (complete with leaf design), served in a partially hollowed-out avocado shell. We’re not sure if the avocado part of the combo actually adds anything taste-wise, or if it’s just acting as a trendy cup – but either way, it looks pretty hard to drink in a non-messy manner – maybe the idea is to use a straw! The avolatte is currently trending on social media, with people around the world getting in on the act and posting pictures of their own versions.


Hmmm, well, call us old fashioned – but we prefer to drink out of a cup. With a handle. Possibly with a HobNob on the side.

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