Coffee fads: anyone for hot buttered coffee?

The ingredients of the perfect breakfast have always been hot coffee, toast, butter and marmalade. Now, though, we’re being encouraged to start combining some of those ingredients in slightly odd ways. The French like to dip their thickly-buttered toast into their milky coffee first thing in the morning – but here’s a trend that cuts out the middle man (or the toast). That’s right – adding butter to your coffee instead of milk.

At first glance, it seems very peculiar. It’s become normal, though, to add cream to coffee in certain speciality drinks, and butter’s certainly in the same category. Why would you want to do it, though? Well, in Tibet they’ve been doing it for centuries, using yak butter.¬†Butter is nutrient-dense and rich in several vitamins including A, E and K2, and the result is a nutritious drink.

The main problem is that butter is very high in fat and doesn’t dissolve easily in hot liquids, so if you want to get the full experience you’ll have to use a blender. Add a cup of hot black coffee and one or two teaspoons of unsalted butter to a blender and pulse until the liquid is creamy and frothy looking. According to butter coffee aficionados, the trick is to use a very high quality premium coffee blend for the best taste.

We have to say we’re not totally convinced – but then someone had to be the first to think of putting milk in coffee! In some cultures, that’s just as odd as adding butter. So next time you’re sitting down to your toast and marmalade, why not give it a try – but maybe make enough coffee for two cups just in case.

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