Coffee Cups in Coffee Shops

Maybe you are setting up a coffee shop, or looking to entertain your guests in style. Whatever the occasion one thing is for sure: how you present things alters how people perceive them. People feel better and think things taste better if they are beautifully presented.

If you are setting up a coffee shop paying extra for nice china probably doesn’t sound wonderful to your ears, but it may pay off in the future, if it’s matching an equally well thought through interior decor that makes clients feel at home. If you have the white standard cups that every other coffee shop uses no one will pay attention. If, on the other hand, you have something beautiful and unique, people will remember it. Of course it can’t be so expensive it ruins your budget, nor so frail that it breaks by the slightest touch.

When you choose your china, and for that matter the interior decor, set your creative juices free and dare to have some fun with it! Just bear in mind to double check how many others agree with your design as by the end of the day clients need to like it as well, not just you.

We also have to mention that if you are setting up a coffee shop we offer fresh roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans (if you are roasting yourself) and various other supplies through our shop at wholesale prices. Nothing better than self marketing and all that. Ahem.


The blue of the cup and saucer, the mocha brown of the table and the beans, the COFFEE and the biscuits. It's almost too close to heaven.?,.Wintertime