Coffee beans and green tea may lower your chances of getting cardiovascular disease

Coffee beansWholesale Coffee Company discovers new research conducted in Japan indicating that  coffee beans and green tea may reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular disease.

The healing properties of coffee beans have been recognised for years with some studies suggesting that regular coffee consumption can lower your risk of cancer, regulate blood pressure and even get rid of cellulite when massaged into the skin.

More recently, however, Japanese researchers have discovered that drinking coffee and green tea regularly might reduce your risk of getting stroke or cardiovascular disease by as much as 20%. This is the first study of its kind involving as many as 82, 369 Japanese adults aged between 45 and 66.

Participants were followed over a period of 13 years. The results suggest that participants who consumed at least one cup of coffee a day lowered their risk of having a stroke by as much as 20%. The same results were found in the participants who consumed four cups of green tea a day.

Why does research suggest coffee beans may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease?

Victoria J. Burley, A senior lecturer at the University of Leeds, suggested that both coffee beans and green tea leaves have anti-inflammatory properties which could explain the results. Anti-inflammatory properties in food and drink are thought to lower the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease. Coffee beans are also high in antioxidants which could also explain the positive results.

The NHS, made the point that we should be cautious of such findings. The study, after all, was conducted in Japan with only Japanese people. However, cultural, genetic and environmental factors were not taken into consideration.

Nevertheless, it’s certainly an interesting study; however, more research is needed to give a conclusive answer. If for example, you consume more coffee beans than what’s required for the average cup of coffee, would the results be different?

Is it possible to become immune to the healing effects of coffee of green tea? If coffee beans and green tea can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, what other unknown health benefits are there?