Coffee and Work Morale – Does Coffee Make Employees Happier?

It’s well known that most people who can afford it love to sneak out to get a cup of their favourite coffee during a long day at the office – to many coffee is the life saviour that makes work bearable during long, and/or stressful days.

As an employer you might not think twice about coffee – either your employees get their own whenever they can, maybe you have a filter coffee machine at the office. However, you may want to start bringing coffee to the office in a more elaborate way. Why? Because incentives and perks make people work better. If your staff is under the impression they are well looked after – if they receive good bonuses, great gifts, lots of encouragement and praise, chances are their performance will drastically increase together with their loyalty.

Studies have shown that what most people are looking for at work is not money alone – in fact just money as an incentive increases productivity a lot less than verbal praise, feeling valued by the employer and generally being well looked after. Whilst a high pay check is definitively something people will want, never underestimate the effect of good incentives.

So how does coffee come into this? Well, creating a great work environment might include upgrading that old coffee machine with a Nespresso, or espresso machine. It might also be a good idea to once a week get your staff some fancy take away coffee that is a proper treat. Even if you have an espresso machine in the office, chances are your employees won’t have time to make pumpkin spice lattes, or white mocha lattes.

Another bonus of using coffee as part of a great work environment is that studies have shown that productivity increases when people smell of coffee. To say that the aroma of coffee is welcome to most is therefore an understatement.

If you run an office and want to buy coffee online, we have plenty of options for you. You can even buy our green coffee beans and start roasting them in the office. That might be taking things to the extreme though. You can save time and money by buying coffee online though, whether from us or someone else. The important thing? Spoil your employees with a cup of Joe ever so often. Don’t believe it works? Ask anyone who shops at Trader Joe’s in America why they shop there. Free coffee.

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