Coffee and the fast diet

weight lossBetter known as the 5:2 diet, this new weight loss phenomenon has struck a real chord with Britain’s dieters and would-be dieters. The brainchild of medical journalist Michael Mosley, the diet is the result of his research for BBC Two’s Horizon programme.

The principal is simple. A ‘traditional’ weight loss diet involves following a low fat regime, forcing the body to consume its own fat reserves instead. However, as many longterm dieters will know, after initial weight loss the body will eventually go into ‘starvation’ mode as it becomes used to using fewer and fewer calories, meaning you’ll eventually reach a plateau where it becomes very difficult to shed any further pounds.

The concept of the Fast Diet is equally straightforward. By ‘fasting’ (or eating a very low amount of calories) for two days out of every seven, the body won’t be able to adjust to a lower intake and will continue to shed weight. The dieter can then eat normally for the other remaining five days.

The regime is proving particularly successful with dieters who normally fail due to low will power. As there’s no need to follow a restrictive diet for months on end, most people find it fairly straightforward to complete their two fast days a week, by eating 500 calories (women) or 600 calories (men). The diet has also won fans for its flexibility, as the two fast days can be fitted in at the dieter’s convenience and don’t have to be consecutive.

The good news is that an average mug of black coffee contains only 5 calories, so even on your fasting days you can enjoy several cups, although it might be a good idea to replace one or two with a decaffeinated brew, particularly if you’re drinking more coffee than you normally would. If you don’t like your coffee black, add a splash of skimmed milk for another 15 – 20 calories.

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