Coffee – an Aphrodisiac?

The stars of the coming Fifty Shades of Grey movie has just been revealed and Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson have the leads. Many swear that the book trilogy, loosely based on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga but with a sexual theme, has worked as an aphrodisiac for their relationship. It seems so as the author herself is the highest earning author in the world!

Now coffee might not be the next Fifty Shades, in fact, coffee has already sold a lot more than any book in history, but if you want to excite your customers, or your date a little, you can start talking about the aphrodisiac properties of coffee. Yep, you heard us – coffee is an aphrodisiac.

A cup of java might not make you jump out of your seat with excitement and run for the bedroom, but it will enhance your mood, your stamina (athletes use coffee for a better performance and if they over use your muscles it can also help them stop contracting after a strenuous workout) and release pleasurable chemicals into your brain (yes guys, it does come down to the chemicals after all).

Of course too much coffee is like any other drug – you will get addicted and feel low without it. If you have two days off coffee and then have a cup one morning, or normally have one cup and get an extra one for your date night then you will notice the feel good factor of coffee. Also, we all know what happens if you drink too much coffee in one go – the jittery shakes and rattles. No good for the bedroom or anywhere else – have your coffee with a meal and don’t overdo it basically. Enjoy it instead!

Buying coffee online and offline is easy (it’s not exactly a commodity that’s difficult to find) and unlike horny goats weed your date probably won’t feel suspicious about drinking it. We here at the Whole Sale Coffee Company of course recommend buying coffee online – after all we sell coffee online! And we think coffee is sexy, that’s just that. Pour it into the dessert together with some chocolate and chili and you will have an instant aphrodisiac that tastes like heaven.