Coffee all over the world: Costa Rica and Guatemala

costa ricoThe best known Central American coffee producer, Costa Rica produces only wet-processed arabicas and has built a reputation for fine coffee. Coffee production has long played an important role in the country’s history and still continues to be an important part of the economy. In 2006, coffee was  the country’s third-largest export and employs a large percentage of the agricultural work force. The coffee produced is high in caffeine, and is often used to blend with other varieties. Connoisseurs often describe Costa Rican coffee as having ‘perfect balance’, due to its blend of mildness and acidity. The coffee tends to be grown on individual, family owned farms called fincas, rather than on large plantations, but are processed at modern, technologically advanced facilities to produce a high quality result.

Guatemala, more correctly known as the Republic of Guatemala, is a Central American country bordered by Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. With a population of around 16,000,000 over an area of 110,000 square kilometres, it’s the most populous state in Central America and is working hard to develop its already well-established coffee industry. Although Guatemalan coffee isn’t as well known as that from South America, it’s prized by many for its rich, distinctive flavour. There are three main growing regions in the country, each benefiting from the rich volcanic soil that some coffee bushes love, as well as a spectacular, rugged landscape that creates microclimates which change the taste of the beans grown at higher altitude. To drink, coffee made from Guatemalan beans is strong and full-flavoured with a chocolaty, spicy complexity of taste.

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