Choc-ful of comfort – why hot chocolate will never go out of fashion

Image: Pixabay

While you’ll never tear us away from our cup of coffee, there are times, we have to admit, when only a hot chocolate quite hits the mark. Forever associated in our minds with comfort and cosiness, the colder it gets outside the more people crave it. A mug of hot chocolate at the end of a long walk is our idea of heaven, and if – every so often – you add a couple mini marshmallows, some chocolate shavings and maybe just a tiny dollop of cream – well, who’s counting?

Now, we’re not claiming that hot chocolate is a health drink – after all, the mix contains sugar and fat as well as cocoa – but consumed in moderation (ideally after a long walk or skiing down a mountain!) it can really lift your mood. If you’re drinking it regularly, perhaps think about laying off the cream and biscuits on the side, though! Good quality chocolate contains antioxidants which have a range of health benefits, and also flavenoids which can act as a temporary energy and memory booster. Hot chocolate contains more antioxidants than you’ll find in a comparatively sized bar, and the hot temperature means they’re released more efficiently.

In addition to being good for our brains, flavenoids are also good for arterial health and can help lower blood pressure.
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