Cheap coffee vs. good value coffee – what’s the difference?

You must have heard the expression ‘buying cheap is a false economy’, and nowhere is that phrase more relevant than in the world of coffee.

Cheap coffee is made from low quality beans, and processing often doesn’t follow the meticulous process which is required to produce good coffee. For a good result, beans need to be checked, then carefully and consistently roasted for even flavour. Once roasted, the beans should be properly stored before being correctly blended to produce a balance of flavours. Cheap coffee often shortcuts this process, and has a high proportion of Robusta beans, which are more resistant to disease and therefore easier to grow. These beans have a less nuanced, complex flavour than the other bean variety, Arabica, and are cheaper to produce. The growing, harvesting and production that go into cheap coffee are often not carried out under the best conditions, either. The result is a coffee that is bitter and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

Of course, coffee can vary enormously in price and buying the most expensive blend doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the best value for money. We specialise in the very best quality coffee, but at wholesale prices – so that you get a great taste at a great price. Our coffee is ethically sourced and very carefully produced so that it’s bursting with fresh flavours. It’s also expertly blended, using the correct proportions of Robusta and Arabica for a result that’s full bodied with a rich, complex flavour.
We have a full range of options available to suit every taste, including everyday, budget, strong, premium and single origin coffee. To take a look at our full range, which includes everything you need for your commercial coffee business or just to enjoy at home, take a look at our Coffee Beans page.