Branding your coffee business

_DSC2017Whatever your feelings about the corporate might of coffee businesses such as the UK’s Costa Coffee and the USA’s Starbucks, their branding is a success. The green and white logo of Starbucks is instantly recognisable, and the chain now has nearly 17,000 locations. Costa may be a long way behind, with only around 1,700 locations, but its circular red and white logo featuring a trio of coffee beans is familiar across the UK. Costa may have started out in 1971 as a business supplying wholesale coffee to the catering industry, but it’s now best known for its retail sales, and has been branded accordingly.

By making sure that their logo appears on a wide range of merchandise and equipment, these companies are making a thorough job of building brand awareness. Starbucks’ logo appears on everything from mugs and coasters to staff uniforms and aprons, and Costa isn’t far behind. Both chains also have their own branded coffee, both for use in the shops and for retail.

If you have your own coffee business, then there’s more to it than just serving great coffee. While we’re not suggesting that you go as logo-crazy as the big chains, having your own branded bags of coffee beans makes good commercial sense. Branded bags are a particularly good idea if you sell retail coffee, as they often remain on a customer’s shelf in clear view as a reminder of your brand.

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we sell a wide range of coffee beans and package them in different sizes. Our 1kg bags are great for use in your business, serving coffee to customers. Our smaller 500g and 250g sizes are perfect for retail. We’d love to discuss your requirements with you – just get in touch via our website, and find out how having your own branded coffee bags could work for your business.