Bespoke printed paper cups

4oz-bespoke-paper-cupsEvery modern business knows the importance of brand awareness, and cafés and restaurants often invest large sums of money on branded napkins, coasters or staff uniforms. If you’re a food business offering a takeaway service, though, you could be missing an important branding opportunity. Did you know that the takeaway paper cups offered for customers wanting hot drinks ‘to go’ can be easily branded with your own colour scheme or logo? As the cups are often carried through streets, taken into offices and left on desks all day, there’s an excellent chance of them being seen by more potential customers.

The idea of printing on paper cups isn’t a new one. Originally, the designs were printed using rubber blocks mounted on cylinders, and needed a different cylinder for each colour. As technology developed, more complex designs became easier to print with the use of flexography, a technique that uses flexible relief plates.  Flexography is ideal for long print runs, and is often used to print cup runs of 10,000 or more. More recently still, newer printing techniques have meant that it’s now possible to produce smaller print runs, making having your own bespoke printed paper cups achievable for the smaller business.

At the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re proud to supply bespoke printed cups with your own logo. Qualities start at just 1,000 cups, and we offer a wide range of cup sizes to suit all requirements.

Once you have your personalised cups, don’t forget to reinforce the corporate message with your own personalised coffee bags. Printed with your own logo or colour scheme, these bags are perfect for retailing your own house blend, or for stacking on shelves in your shop for brand enforcement.

To find out more about these fantastic, powerful marketing tools, please visit our bespoke paper cups section and customised coffee bag section.