The average British worker drinks almost 25,000 cups of coffee

officeThat’s in the course of a whole career, not everyday! A new survey has polled British 2,000 workers to gains some insight into what goes on behind those closed office doors, including office politics and tea breaks.
The average length of a career was estimated to be 47 years, which leaves a lot of time for gossiping round the water cooler!

Split down in statistics, the average British office worker’s career looks like this:

Number of late arrivals into work: 1,026 (by an average of almost 10 minutes, with heavy traffic being the most common excuse followed by oversleeping and poor time keeping)

Number of times fallen out with colleagues: 479. Most common causes include the building’s temperature, and rows over unfair work allocation

Number of meetings attended: 9, 824 (no wonder they drink all that coffee!)

Number of sick days: 98

Number of emails sent: a staggering 400,816 (based on an average of 33 per day)

Number of emails received:  537,860 (based on an average of 44 per day)

Number of times argued with boss: 871

Total amount of time spent gossiping: Five months and three weeks

Total amount of time spent on the phone: Two years and three months (over a total of 158,982 calls)

Length of average office commute: 29 minutes

Length of time spent looking for missing paperwork every day: over 13 minutes

Number of notepads consumed over a career: 196

Number of pens consumed over a year: 282

Number of pages printed over a career: 343,504

The top three gripes about the office environment were management, fellow employees and IT department failures.




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