Another Brilliant Coffee Invention!

There’s a new coffee invention out there. The kind that you were always hoping for, but never ever even realized you were hoping for, because you didn’t think as far as to realize it could come to exist. It’s the Coffee Joulies.

If you are anything like most people you have probably burnt your tongue and mouth once or twice when sipping coffee, or tea for that matter. Well, those days are gone. Thanks to two American inventors/entrepreneurs you can now have your cake and eat it. That’s to say they have invented something that will cool down your coffee to a drinkable temperature instantly. Then it will keep the coffee at that temperature for much longer. In other words: it won’t go cold as fast as usual. Magic.

Dave and Dave who invented the Coffee Joulies got all their funding from a Kickstarter, campaign much thanks to writing to the right people about it (like Gizmo), who then tweeted about it. And off they went – they raised 300% of what they needed. So about a year later, you can buy the Coffee Joulies in their online shop (although when we checked they were out of stock).

So if you want something that’s still fairly unusual to sell in your coffee shop, check these guys out. Or buy one for yourself to save your mouth. Brilliant idea!