Alternative hot drinks for coffee shops

KakaopulverWith coffee now the most popular hot drink in the world, and a wealth of coffee shops, cafés and other retailers set up to service the growing demand, non coffee drinkers could be in danger of feeling left out.

While some people can’t tolerate caffeine for medical reasons, others might not like the taste or simply fancy a change, and most retailers now cater for customers who, for whatever reason, would rather not drink coffee.

Athough most retailers already have a range of alternatives available, such as tea, herbal infusions and decaffeinated coffee, customers will often choose a ‘treat’ drink, such as speciality hot chocolate.

Although traditionally a ‘winter warmer’ drink, hot chocolate’s popular with children all year round, and with many sweet-toothed adults as well. If it’s a miserable, drizzly day outside, few people can resist a tall glass of frothy hot chocolate, with its overtones of cashmere blankets and log fires. It’s also a drink that few people would think of making for themselves at home, which makes it an appealing choice in a coffee shop.

If you’re thinking about offering hot chocolate in your business, there’s now a wide range of powder on the market to suit all tastes, from high chocolate content powder for adults, right through to everyone’s childhood favourite, Cadburys. You could even think about introducing a hot chocolate menu, with house specialities or ‘hot chocolate cocktails’ incorporating extra ingredients such as marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, cream, cream, orange or mint liqueur or spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.

Whatever you decide to add, make sure that your hot chocolate’s as a poor substitute for coffee – don’t forget to invest in some glasses or tall mugs specifically for the chocolate, to make the drink look attractive. For a wide range of hot chocolate powders for every occasion, as well as other coffee ingredients, visit our ingredients page.