A Shot of Alcohol, a Shot of Coffee

It’s supposed to be spring now in many parts of the world, but spring appears to arrive a tad slowly…and in other parts of the world they’re now heading from winter. So it seems almost no matter where you are, you could do with a hot shot. A hot shot of coffee and a hot shot of liquor. This is bound to bring both the desired awakening from caffeine (seeing as sunshine is lacking) and the much needed heat from the liquor as it warms you up from the inside. Not to mention that the drink itself will be hot. If it is served with cream on top, all the better as the added calories will give you yet another kick and fatten you up to resist the cold. You never knew having a drink could be all that beneficial, did you? (If you feel the need to be healthy we recommend downing a raw fruit and vegetable juice beforehand. That way you get all your nutrients in one go and can proceed to your coffee medication.)

We found a recipe from Mexico – the Mexicans are known for their hot food, hot chocolate and hot love…

So this recipe comes from I Love Coffee, an excellent blog about, well, coffee. It saved us a trip to Mexico, for which we are grateful. Then again, it’s also given us a perfectly legit excuse to go to Mexico in the name of searching for the origins of this drink. After all, coffee connoisseurs have to go to lengths to find white beaches excellent coffee.

In a daquiri glass, pour the shot of tequila first, then pour the hot coffee. Leave enough room at the top for plenty of whipped cream. Put a large dollop of cream on top, then slowly drizzle a shot of Cacao liqueur on top.