6 unusual uses for coffee beans

1. Fashion

The fabric manufacturing company, Singtex makes environmentally friendly clothing using old coffee beans. The finished fabrics are soft, breathable and they help to protect you against harmful UV rays, making them ideal for sports, yoga and outdoor activities.

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2. Art

In addition to latte art, many artists have also decided to paint, sculpt and make murals using coffee beans. One of the most recent creations was a giant coffee bean mural mosaic made by Russian artist, Arkady Kim. The piece used over one million different shades of roasted coffee beans and took 12 days to make.

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3. Environment

If you’re a keen gardener, ground coffee beans will work wonders on your soil. This is the perfect time to start adding your left over beans to your vegetable patch, compost heap or the soil in your greenhouse to help your plants grow.  Coffee beans are rich in potassium, phosphorous, copper and magnesium which is supposed to be great for soil and plant growth.

4. Beauty

Coffee beans can be used to exfoliate rough skin, combat cellulite and when mixed with natural yoghurt and honey, they make a great face mask. You can also use freshly brewed coffee on your hair to get irresistibly silky smooth locks – just let the coffee cool, pour it on dry hair, leave it on your hair for about a minute, and rinse.

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5. Home

Coffee beans help to repel nasty odours – that’s if you like the smell of fresh coffee – and they’re great for scrubbing down your household surfaces. Coffee beans are slightly abrasive and acidic which makes them ideal for cleaning your home.

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