3 delicious iced coffee recipes

Today, I had my first iced coffee of the year – a delicious mix of espresso, milk, ice and sugar. However, as I was drinking I found myself feeling a little frustrated that all the sugar had gone straight to the bottom of the cup, so I had to keep stirring with my straw. Next time I think I’ll just abandon sugar completely and get creative with my iced coffees.

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, try some of these yummy iced coffee recipes.

1. Nutella Iced Coffee

Ingredients: freshly ground coffee beans, Nutella, vanilla essence, milk or condensed milk, cream, and ice

For the Nutella iced coffee you can either use instant coffee or freshly ground coffee beans depending on your preference. The next step is to make a regular cup of coffee, pour it into a blender, add a tablespoon of Nutella, a few drops of vanilla essence and ice. Blend for a while, chill, squirt cream over the top, drink and enjoy.

2. Amaretto Iced Coffee

Ingredients: freshly ground coffee beans, Amaretto flavoured coffee syrup (follow the link to buy from Wholesale Coffee Company), milk, cream and ice.

Follow the above instructions to make yummy amaretto iced coffee. We also sell other coffee flavoured syrups such as Irish Cream, White Chocolate and Ginger. Get creative and start experimenting.

3. Blackcurrant Tea Iced Coffee

Ingredients: brewed blackcurrant tea, one espresso shot made from freshly ground coffee beans, and honey or agave syrup (if you’ve got a sweet tooth).

Pour all the ingredients into a blend and whizz until smooth. This one might sound a bit strange, but freshly brewed coffee beans often have notes of blackcurrant – the blackcurrant tea, therefore, helps to emphasise the natural flavours. You can serve it as an iced coffee cocktail with fresh blackcurrants on top.

Watch this video from delish.com How to make Iced Coffee