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WMF 8000 S

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Commercial Coffee Machines – WMF 8000s

Just taste!

The WMF 8000S commercial coffee machines unit is the new generation coffee machine by WMF. It combines quality, innovation and great tasting coffee like no other machine. It has already received recognition for its design having been awarded the coveted iF Design Award. The new eight-inch LCD MMI screen allows for intuitive interaction between user and machine making it easy to use. The WMF 8000S is also setting the trend in terms of performance. From the touch of a button to the perfect cup of coffee, numerous processes have been optimised. The WMF 8000S is ahead of the competition when it comes to variety of beverages, offering a wide choice of milk and steam settings being able to prepare hot and cold milk drinks, as well as hot and cold milk foam.


A bright idea

The optional light rings not only look chic, but they also make your day-to-day work easier.  For example, if a bean hopper has to be filled, the rings flash in a signal or changing ­colour to warn you about this.

Perfect timing

The timer function means that you can choose suitable times at which you want to switch the WMF 8000 S on and off, and activate or deactivate individual functions and drinks. For example, you can switch from service to self-service, from drinks with fresh milk to drinks with topping powder, etc.

An uplifting experience

On request, the WMF 8000 S can also be ordered with a new fully ­automatic cup tray. This “cup lift” automatically raises coffee and Espresso cups or Latte Macchiato glasses to the ideal height for pouring. A practical and convenient feature – especially in self-service mode! Of course, the WMF 8000 S is also available with a manual cup lift. Either way: With the WMF 8000 S, the cup goes to the dispenser and not the other way around.


  • IF Product Design Award 2013

    Technological innovation goes hand-in-hand with the inspirational design by ‘Metz und Kindler Produktdesign’: curved lines dominate the stylish appearance in which stainless steel and glass features are harmoniously blended with black and illuminated applications. It is for this reason that this specialist machine was awarded the iF Product Design Award 2013.


A reliable machine from day one

Before any machine is delivered to the customer, many test machines already have millions of test units behind them. Each and every machine is built at the Geislingen site and is thoroughly and extensively tested before it leaves the factory. It is a quality WMF product, Made in Germany.

Get set for superior quality

The essence of great tasting coffee is rooted in a lengthy testing procedure for each and every drink’s specifically defined qualities. In addition to this, the amount of ground coffee, water and water temperature can be individually programmed for every drink. You can even create your own blend of  all the coffee varieties contained in the three bean hoppers.

Milk capabilities

Active Milk has been so successful in the past when included as an option on previous machines that we have taken the decision to include it as standard on all WMF 8000S models. Milk is moved through the machine using a pump, as opposed to the ‘Venturi’ system, which relies upon pressure and as such the machine can offer hot and cold milk drink options, even milkshakes with the addition of syrup.

The perfect temperature for perfect tea

In addition to infusion time and water quality, a precise water temperature is also essential in releasing the full flavour. Three pre-set hot water temperatures mean that any blend of tea will achieve its full taste potential.


Removable Hoppers

The 8000S can accommodate up to four product containers (2 large, 2 small). All hoppers can be removed using a central locking system and are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easier.

Lots of room for a lot of coffee

Large coffee pots and flasks can be filled up thanks to the variable height adjustment of up to195 mm under the coffee spout, and to up to 220 mm under the hot water spout. This means that whether as part of the breakfast buffet or in an office, you can always serve great coffee.

SML Function – for any cup size

Do you work in the Coffee-To-Go business using different sized coffee cups? With the S-M-L (SML) setting you can programme the 8000S to dispense any drink in different cup sizes.

Self-service has never been so easy

Just a few straightforward steps transform the WMF 8000S into a self-service specialist: change from double to single spout, increase the length of the hot water spout, and choose the display format – and you’re done. For those who would like only the very highest level of convenience, we recommend you get the fully automatic cup-lift.

The eight-inch LCD MMI screen

The eight-inch LCD MMI screen allows for intuitive interaction between user and machine which for the operator means simple, clear and concise instructions when training, cleaning or programming, and for the self-service consumer the machine is easy to operate. However, the added advantage is that the screen can also be used to advertise or promote special offers and provides a handy prompt for up-selling supplementary items.

Remote access to your data

Remote Data Access gives you the possibility to access important information almost anywhere, anytime. This means accessible metrics and effective management of more than one machine.


Steam options

There are also three steam options for milk foam with the WMF 8000S so that at the touch of a button, or by using the steam wand in a fully or semi-automatic mode, the operator can offer the full barista experience and even create latte art for a customer, or simply serve excellent coffee when used in a high volume, fast service situation.

Electronic pinch valve

The milk must be at a precise temperature for quality milk foam. The 8000S has been equipped with an electronic pinch valve that maintains a constant milk temperature for consistently superior quality foam and exact drink temperature that will automatically adjust the flow of milk.

We also value inner beauty

Solid components, like the drop-forged base frame, ensure that the most essential part of the machine – the brewer, has the longest possible operating life.

Designed for high performance

Thanks to innovations such as the new high-performance grinders which can grind up to 4g per second, waiting time has been brought to a minimum. The new, high-performance grinders can be precision adjusted and are extremely quiet, efficient, robust and durable.


The WMF 8000S sets the standard in cleaning

As part of the fully automatic cleaning the practical manual insert is activated via the LCD screen. Simply insert the tablet and then the cleaning process begins.

The WMF 8000S goes over and above

Simply remove the drip tray, base and drip container and the counter underneath the machine can be effortlessly cleaned thanks to the raised base frame.

Unlimited coffee grounds disposal

The grounds container can never be too big. This is why we at WMF have given you a very generously proportioned container. For some people, however, this container will not be sufficient. This is why there is also the optional ‘through the counter’ waste disposal system.


A cool solution for milk and cups

Chilled milk and nicely cooled cups are simply a ‘must-have’. With our new Cup&Cool system, we have cleverly combined the two with a design that goes perfectly with the WMF 8000S.

Rise above

The area underneath WMF 8000S can be effortlessly cleaned thanks to the raised base frame. For those who want a little more space, 10 cm high feet are available separately to allow for a little more ‘leg room’. The feet are also available for accessory devices.

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