WMF 2000 S

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WMF 2000 S

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Perfect speciality coffees with milk are prepared or “handmade” at the press of a button

The WMF 2000S is a flexible machine with a daily output of up to 200 cups. It closes the gap between the presto! and bistro! and therefore complements the WMF bean to cup coffee machine range.

The WMF 2000 S is a fully automatic coffee machine which produces a variety of high quality coffee specialities.
The machine meets the market demands for more milk output, speed, preparation times and preparation methods.

The WMF 2000 S is a fully automatic coffee machine. In the Steam Power and Dual Milk version it creates milk foam in three grades that are sensor-controlled by the steam wand: fine, super fine and standard.

Perfect speciality coffees

The 2000S produces a variety of coffee specialities at the touch of a button and of a perfect quality.

Milk foam quality

It is possible to select three different qualities of foam using the milk foam buttons (Steam Power and Dual Milk model).

Milk foam ‘superfine’

The superfine milk foam is used for latte art. This is a flowing milk foam with high milk content. (Steam Power and Dual Milk model)

Milk foam ‘fine’

The fine milk foam is used for the preparation of cappucino. It is  a fine, creamy milk foam.

Milk foam ‘Standard’

The standard foam is used for the preparation of a latte macchiato and other layered drinks. It is a creamy milk foam with high air content.

Milk foam with a “barista feeling”

Using the automatic steam wand, milk foam and hot milk is made with a traditional barista feeling, but with the advantage of an automatic shut-off for perfect quality and temperature. (Steam Power and Dual Milk model)

Extra hot milk…

…can be prepared using the steam tap by continuously pressing the respective milk button. (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model)

Quality management

The machine produces drinks in different ways. For Espresso, there is a pre-infusion and post-pressing after the first pressing unlike café crème which is brewed straight away. These settings are stored in five quality levels, which are freely selectable for any coffee.

Plug & Clean

With the patented Plug+Clean milk cleaning system, all milk-carrying parts can be cleaned easily and in compliance with HACCP. – Confirmed by the Technical University of Munich.

The accessories…

…such as cup racks, milk coolers, sales devices or the new cup dispensers make the WMF 2000S a complete package – even for self-service.