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The Esprecious is a comprehensive yet compact espresso machine of an excellent class with a conveniently arranged touch screen. You can simply set the desir ed variety and strength
Besides, because of its beautiful looks with the adjustable LED-lights around the display, the Esprecious fits in with any interior and with any house style. AND …it is really easy to clean!

The Esprecious is available in various models. You can choose for a machine with 1 or 2 grinders, so you can make, for instance,
espresso as well as other coffees from freshly-ground beans. The number of canisters for instant ingredients is variable as
well. You can choose from 1 or 2 canisters.


Esprecious 11
– 1 Grinder – Bean Canister – 1 Instant Canister

Esprecious 21
– 2 Grinders – Devided Bean Canister – 1 Instant Canister

Esprecious 12
– 1 Grinder – Bean Canister – 2 Instant Canisters

Esprecious 22
– 2 grinders – Devided Bean Canister – 2 Instant Canisters

Unique points

• An innovative and really advanced
coffee-making system
• Conveniently arranged touch screen
• Ceramic grinding disc
• Eco mode: intelligent energy-saving mode
• Outlet adjustable in height
• Separate hot water outlet
• Individual setting options
• Unique hot water system for less scaling
• Waste bin full indicator
• Drip tray full indicator
• Total and day counters
• No need for connection to the drain

Canister capacity 1 x 1,4 kg (beans)
Throughput per hour Espresso ca. 83 cups
Coffee ca. 70 cups
Instant ca. 240 cups
Preparation time (cup) appr. 11 till 50 sec. depending on beverage
Electrical connection 230V~ 50/60Hz 2250W
Dimensions in mm (wxdxh) 330x570x660
Tap height mm Coffee 60-130 Hot water 135 Coffee 60-130

Coffee crème


Café au lait


Hot Chocolate

Chocolate deluxe


Hot water