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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – WMF 1200s

The new WMF 1200 S bean to cup coffee machines unit is the ideal entry level machine as it is perfect for small to medium demand of up to 100 cups per day. It produces excellent coffee specialities such as espresso, café crème, cappuccino, café latte and latte macchiato as well as milk choc and chociatto at the touch of a button. The 1200 S is made from high quality materials and produced in Germany. All machines are checked thoroughly by our experts before being shipped to customers. The user friendly display is easy to operate and makes creating the perfect coffee child’s play.

Choose from four available models.

Maintenance can be so easy

Basic maintenance work can be carried out yourself without having to call out a WMF service engineer.


With the patented Plug+Clean milk cleaning system, all milk-carrying parts are cleaned easily and in compliance with HACCP. – Confirmed by the Technical University of Munich.

Delicious milk choc and chociatto

By using fresh milk it is possible to create almost any chocolate/coffee speciality.

Water supply

The 1200 S can be equipped with a water tank or a constant water supply which requires drainage.

Fully automatic cleaning

As simple as the touch of a button, which saves time and reduces operating costs.

Simple button labelling

The button layout can be adjusted and button labels easily replaced so that drink names, prices or images can be amended.


All the important functions and parameters can be set via the display and five function keys.

Variable number of drink buttons

A maximum of 6 buttons can be programmed for coffee specialities. Second-level drinks are triggered with a double-click.

Reduced energy consumption

With three Eco modes and settings for an automatic switch off, the customer can adjust the energy consumption depending on individual needs.


When the WMF 1200 S is switched off, it is “off”. This means it does not consume any electricity during its standby mode.

Coffee, just as your customer likes it

Drink sizes (large/small) and strength (strong/mild) can be adjusted by pressing the + or – button for a short time or by holding it down depending upon requirements.


Two integrated LEDs underneath the front panel light up the spout and draw attention to the drinks.

The 1200S in situation

The machines range of specifications, water fill options and not least its price, make the WMF 1200S the clever favourite for many uses. It is as much at home in the office, medical practice, gym, small bistro or a petrol station, at a bakery, hairdressers, fast food shop or hotel bar. With the appropriate auxiliary unit the machine is a genuine all-rounder.

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