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Ground Decaf (227g)


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Single origin 100% Arabica decaf coffee beans from Brazil providing a full flavoured cup that yields excellent crema. The 100% natural decaffeination process practices a unique water steaming process to extract the caffeine, yielding a naturally darker bean yet not compromising on flavour.


100% Arabica beans from Brazil

Nitrogen packed coffee beans

All of our coffees are packed in nitrogen.  Packaging with a nitrogen flush ensures no human contact and helps preserve the coffee beans. Using nitrogen removes oxygen from direct contact with the beans.  This prevents oxidisation and ensures the coffee tastes freshly roasted.

Coffee is filled with aromatic oils that create the flavour, crema and the full experience of the drink.  Oils, however, oxidise and by packing in nitrogen removes the oxygen in the bag.  By removing oxygen and moisture in the package also ensures no bacterial growth.

Nitrogen is an inert gas that is both odourless and food-safe. It is also abundantly available. Nitrogen is a great gas to use to flush out oxygen from coffee bags that have just been filled with freshly roasted coffee.

Freshness guaranteed!