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5 x Sample Pack + Decaf


Unfortunately, Ara 500g is currently sold out. We will include an extra bag of Nyala which is a higher value and our premium coffee.

Try a selection of our most popular coffee beans to find the blend that is perfect for you. – 5 x 500g

Sample pack includes a FREE tin of Luxury Tea!

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Product Information

There is no better way to find the perfect coffee for you, enjoy a selection of 5 x 500g superior coffee beans.

This sample pack of includes the following blends:


A gourmet blend that works brilliantly for espresso and milk-based drink such as lattes.


A drumroll please for our new Javan coffee, a fantastic blend of 50% natural Brazilian arabica and 50% Vietnamese washed robusta and perfect as an everyday drink.


A premium coffee. Smooth and bursting with the flavours of fruit, almonds and sugar cane, it has light, floral top notes with good body and balanced acidity.


A premium 100% arabica single origin coffee from Brazil. Luxurious texture with flavours of almond, lime and peach notes. This coffee has a medium acidity and high body.


Big on flavour, combining 60% Arabica beans from Columbia with 40% Robusta beans from India. Created using a unique 100% water decaffeination process.