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CBD Coffee Beans & CBD Tea

High quality CBD infused 100% Arabica Colombian coffee beans and handpicked Thankyou® CBD tea, providing you a great tasting drink with the added benefit of CBD. We only work with premium, speciality grade coffee beans & tea, fresh seasonal crops and organically grown Colorado hemp extracts.

The tea and coffee beans in our CBD product range have been infused with broad spectrum hemp extract, distilled to remove all THC whilst retaining all the benefits of CBD consumption. The end result is a high-quality coffee and tea allowing you to drink as you usually would, whilst benefitting from the CBD infusion.

Our Strava CBD coffee beans comes in two varieties, a medium roast and a dark roast. Each providing 250MG of CBD, equating to 10MG of CBD per 8oz serving.

The Thankyou® CBD tea range is available as a Ginger & Turmeric flavour or in our delicious CBD Green Tea. Each providing 3.4MG of CBD per cup.

Whichever product you choose from our CBD range you will get all of the benefits of CBD, combined with the high-quality coffee beans and tea you have come to expect from us.

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