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Coffee trends: cola with coffee

You probably already know that most original recipe colas contain caffeine, designed to give you energy and focus. That’s caffeine, though, not coffee. Now, Coca Cola have launched with their new ‘Coca Cola with Coffee’ product which offers the world’s best known soda blended with ‘rich, luxurious coffee’. It comes in a choice of flavours – dark blend, vanilla and caramel – in a version of the iconic red can which features coffee beans on the front. It’s currently only available in the US, and contains 69mg of caffeine in a standard (US 12oz) can. That’s around double the amount of caffeine in a regular can of coke, but two-thirds less than a regular cup of coffee. If you replaced one of your usual cups of coffee with ‘cola with coffee’, you’d be reducing your daily amount of caffeine.

What does ‘coffee with coke’ taste like?

According to reviewers, the taste is pretty much what you’d expect – cola with a hint of coffee – and the two flavours apparently work well together. The regular flavours have a lot of sugar, but they’re available in zero-add sugar versions as well. If you’re a fan of iced, flavoured coffee, this may be up your street if it finally launches in the UK. Personally, we’d probably rather just stick to ‘proper’ iced coffee and keep the sodas separate!

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