Coffee news: marijuana coffee comes to the UK

This time last year, we wrote about a New York coffee shop called Caffeine Underground who were offering customers coffee infused with cannabidiol oil. At the time, we thought, ‘only in the USA’ – but it seems we were wrong. Now a Swansea-based coffee shop, Bogarts CBD Coffee House, is one of a small number of UK retailers offering the service.

The CDB oil is extracted from cannabis plants, but doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound which causes psychoactive changes in the brain and makes uses get high. Bogarts are offering the oil added to more traditional drinks, such as herbal teas, hot chocolate and lattes.

While the Royal Pharmaceutical Society say there is no scientific evidence that the oil has any medical benefit, customers at Bogarts claim that they’re getting results for conditions ranging from anxiety to arthritis. The new menu apparently appeals to a wide range of customers from 18 to 80, according to the coffee shop’s owner. Younger customers are trying CBD for anxiety, while older clientele are taking it for mobility problems such as arthritis.

CDB oil is widely available in the UK in health food shops and pharmacies, and is aimed at those suffering from anxiety or needing pain relief. Instead the ingredient, which is sold in mainstream health shops, advertises benefits such as relief from inflammation, pain relief and reduction in anxiety. Medicinal cannabis oil, which has a different chemical makeup to CBD oil, was made available on prescription in the UK in November 2018.

We think that on the whole we still prefer the pure, unadulterated kick of natural caffeine – apart from anything else, we’re not sure what that oil is doing to the taste!

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