At the Wholesale Coffee Company, we offer a fantastic selection of milk products for both commercial coffee machines and coffee vending machines. Our range includes both traditional whitener and cappuccino topping, along with low fat granulated skimmed milk products. All of our powdered and granulated milks are available to purchase by the case at wholesale prices and case quantities range from 5kg to 10kg. Our Classic Whitener and Cappuccino Topping are packaged in 750g bags with 10 bags per case. Granulated skimmed milk is available in both 500g and 1kg sizes, again with 10 bags per case. All of the products in this range have been specifically designed for use with commercial coffee machines and have an average shelf life of up to 18 months. Our skimmed milk products are amongst the best on the market, providing exceptional fresh milk flavour and appearance, perfect for barista-quality cappuccino, macchiato and caffe latte.

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